Falsified Balkan Biocert Ltd. certificate

Jul 11, 2008

Dear clients, colleagues and partners,
We would like to inform you about the presence of falsified Balkan Biocert Ltd. certificate, bearing number 05698-B, on the name of ECO FERMA ‛ILINEKS‛ OOD, address: 6412, Voden, 8 Suhata reka, str., date of issue 23.08.2007. The products listed in the certificate are ‛duck carcasses‛ and ‛duck feather‛. Herewith, we declare, that the named certificate makes abusive reference to the name and reputation of Balkan Biocert Ltd. and kindly ask you to check extensively the authenticity of each presented certificate for organic production and in case of doubts or irregularities, to inform us immediately.
11 July 2008 Yours sincerely: Krasimir Kunchev