1. How to apply for Certification at Balkan Biocert Ltd.?

You contact Balkan Biocert Ltd. and declare your interest to get certified
Balkan Biocert Ltd. will send you a set of documents. The application package can also be downloaded from
Read the documents carefully! If you have doubts whether you are ready for inspection, contact a competent consultant for organic agriculture
Fill in required application form and send it to Balkan Biocert Ltd.
Balkan Biocert Ltd. checks your application and if everything is clear, you will receive contracts and an offer for the inspection and certification costs
You sign the offer and the contracts, send them back and realize prepayment to Balkan Biocert Ltd.

2. How to get inspected and certified by Balkan Biocert Ltd.

Balkan Biocert Ltd. assigns an inspector for your farm/company and he fixes a date for inspection with you
You prepare all necessary documentation which the inspector wants to see (journals, invoices, maps, etc.)
The inspector visits your farm/company and has a look at everything that would like to see. You join him and answer his questions. At the end of the inspection, you sign the inspection report
You complete the full payment
The Certification Committee and General Manager evaluate the findings and take a decision if your farm/company can be certified organic
You receive certificate (after a positive deicison) and a certification letter indicating all conditions to be fulfilled
Sign the enclosed confirmation and send it back together with a plan or how to meet the required improvements