‛Balkan Biocert‛ has been a product of international partnership aimed at answering the need of the Bulgarian organic operators. The project partners FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerlans) and Bioselena (Foundation for Organic Agriculture, Bulgaria) will provide technical guidance to „Balkan Biocert‛ thus ensuring the credibility and the national and international recognition of the new company.

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FIBL

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FIBL, Switzerland provides technical assistance, trains the personnel of ‛Balkan Biocert‛ Ltd and contributes to the process of national and international accreditation of the agency.

Foundation for organic agriculture Bioselena, Bulgaria

Foundation for organic agriculture Bioselena provides consultancy on organic agriculture, professional education, preparation on applying for financing, publishing of specialized literature.